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Stig’s Magic Wizard

Episode 21: Stig’s Magic WizardStarring Stig Holmdén & Magic MalmstrømMusic by TCIM / http://www.tcim.seTheme by Piss Vortex / https://www.facebook.com/pissvortexProduced by Grand Dandy / http://granddandy.se

Posted by Mikkeller on Sunday, 20 December 2015

Magic & Inspiration

Often I wake up in the morning with an idea. That is usually what wakes me up. The sudden thought of inspiration that rushes through your body and can't wait another second! I admit, it’s both annoying and and a great feeling. Annoying because if I don’t take action, it will stick in my head as an incomplete thought and great because the feeling of discovering new things is really what keeps me going in life. The recent years I have found a way and the confidence to try out some of these ideas in life. To me creativity is just connecting things. I know many great people with great ideas that do not have the confidence to try out new things. I also now many great people who did try out their ideas and I have never heard them regretting they did so. So if you sit at home with a great idea I will be more than happy to share with you what inspired me, and help you to get that idea from a thought to an actual action.

Christmas 2014 I watched the documentary An Honest Lier about The Amazing Randi. An old American magician. The documentary inspired me to buy a deck of cards, learn how to shuffle the cards and after a few days, learn how to do my first card trick. I remember as a kid watching street magizian David Blaine perform card tricks and decided to see if David Blaine was still around. And he was!

Absolutely horrible at shuffling and handling cards I decided to go ahead with another trick, then another and another again. I started showing the tricks to my family, who very soon got tired of watching the same routines over and over again. At the dining table, in bed - everywhere! I took the card to dinners with friends, at the office and soon I found myself actually impressing people with trick. Just enough to keep me practising, to keep revealing the secrets to a magic world. I think my secret was inspiration. Constant inspiration from other magicians that inspired me to learn their magic, alter it and eventually making my own routines.

What ever inspires you in life, don't be afraid of welcoming new ideas. Embrace them, take them in, try them out and you will find an incredible satisfaction no matter what the outcome is. 

Magic Malmstrøm


Magic at Warpigs Brewpub Grand Opening April 10th in Copenhagen

Don't miss out on a great event the 10th of April when Warpigs Brewpub is opening in Kødbyen, Copenhagen. The 10th of April Mikkeller and Three Floyds are inviting all of the worlds beer lovers to join a special grand opening of Warpigs. 1000 liters of free beer, music and magic! 

See you Friday from 10th of April https://www.facebook.com/warpigsbrewpub